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 N B Rabbat

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June 1979 DAC '79: Proceedings of the 16th Design Automation Conference
Publisher: IEEE Press
Citation Count: 0
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This paper evaluates our attempt to solve the large network analysis problems in the time domain by use of a simulation method with computation efficiency and program simplicity. We present a Quasi-general Symbolic FET Macromodel (QGSM) which can represent many different logic function gates; hence, the simulation program needs only ...

March 1976 IEEE Transactions on Computers: Volume 25 Issue 3, March 1976
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Citation Count: 0

An improved simulation of pulse propagation between integrated digital circuits is presented. Two novel improvements associated with the inverse Laplace transform used are presented; 1) the introduction of two-dimensional weight factors � n,m and 2) the use of a shifting parameter a. The algorithm proposed is very fast and saves ...
Keywords: Convolution integral, digital circuits, fast Fourier transform (FFT) techniques, inverse Laplace transform, tap-off loads, shifting theorem, transmission lines interconnections, weight factors

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November 1971 AFIPS '72 (Spring): Proceedings of the May 16-18, 1972, spring joint computer conference
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 0
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In large circuits, we are confronted with two problems. First, the modelling of integrated circuit modules using the normal methods of considering each element such as the general circuit analysis program---precise though it may be---can be excessively lengthy and tedious because of the computation time involved and the large storage ...

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