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 Ying Lu

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1 published by ACM
July 1999 ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS): Volume 17 Issue 3, July 1999
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 2
Downloads (6 Weeks): 2,   Downloads (12 Months): 10,   Downloads (Overall): 706

Full text available: PDFPDF
The main purpose of a digital library is to facilitate users easy access to enormous amount of globally networked information. Typically, this information includes preexisting public library catalog data, digitized document collections, and other databases. In this article, we describe the distributed query system of a digital library prototype system ...
Keywords: Internet databases, digital libraries, interoperable databases

April 1997 Journal of Network and Computer Applications - Special issue on digital libraries: Volume 20 Issue 1, Jan. 1997
Publisher: Academic Press Ltd.
Citation Count: 0

It is widely accepted that future digital library applications have to be built upon different kinds of database servers to draw upon different forms of data, including bibliographic, text, multimedia, and structured data. In this paper, the problem of integrating existing public bibliographic databases and structured databases which reside at ...

April 1997 Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA)
Publisher: World Scientific Press
Citation Count: 0

August 1996 COMPSAC '96: Proceedings of the 20th Conference on Computer Software and Applications
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Citation Count: 1

Abstract: It is widely accepted that future digital library applications have to be built upon different kinds of database servers to draw different forms of data from them. These data include bibliographic data, text data, multimedia data, and structured data. We address the problem of integrating existing bibliographic and structured ...
Keywords: bibliographic related attributes, digital library application development, multimedia data, specialized functions, SQL model, bibliographic related queries, database servers, information retrieval systems, query languages, query processing, specialized predicates, data type, digital library applications, information retrieval, multimedia computing, query formulation, structured data, SQL, SQL extensions, bibliographic data, bibliographic databases, bibliographic systems, bibliographic/structured database integration, libraries, library automation, network, query language layer, structured databases, text data

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