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 James A Roberts

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1 published by ACM
April 1992 ACM SIGCHI Bulletin: Volume 24 Issue 2, April 1992
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 0
Downloads (6 Weeks): 0,   Downloads (12 Months): 3,   Downloads (Overall): 107

Full text available: PdfPdf
This videotape demonstrates the functionality of Carnegie Mellon's GENIE programming environments. GENIE environment are publicly available on the Macintosh for Pascal and Richard Pattis' Karel the Robot teaching language. They are appropriate for use in introductory and intermediate computer programming methods courses at both the collegiate and secondary school levels. ...

2 published by ACM
February 1989 SIGCSE '89: Proceedings of the twentieth SIGCSE technical symposium on Computer science education
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 3
Downloads (6 Weeks): 1,   Downloads (12 Months): 11,   Downloads (Overall): 328

Full text available: PDFPDF
Top-down design, an accepted technique for program development in most teaching environments, is an integral part of the introductory computing courses taught at Carnegie Mellon University. Although this planning technique works well for experts, it's application among less experienced users is limited: many novices abandon this technique as soon as ...
Also published in:
February 1989  ACM SIGCSE Bulletin: Volume 21 Issue 1, Feb. 1989

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