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July 2013 AAAI'13: Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Publisher: AAAI Press
Citation Count: 0

Mesoscale ocean eddies transport heat, salt, energy, and nutrients across oceans. As a result, accurately identifying and tracking such phenomena are crucial for understanding ocean dynamics and marine ecosystem sustainability. Traditionally, ocean eddies are monitored through two phases: identification and tracking. A major challenge for such an approach is that ...

December 2012 ICDMW '12: Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE 12th International Conference on Data Mining Workshops
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Citation Count: 0

Efficient time series similarity search is a fundamental operation for data exploration and analysis. While previous work has focused on indexing progressively larger datasets and has proposed data structures with efficient exact search algorithms, we motivate the need for approximate query methods that can be used in interactive exploration and ...
Keywords: time series, similarity search, earth science, rare class, data analysis

July 2012 AAAI'12: Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Publisher: AAAI Press
Citation Count: 0

Swirls of ocean currents known as ocean eddies are a crucial component of the ocean's dynamics. In addition to dominating the ocean's kinetic energy, eddies play a significant role in the transport of water, salt, heat, and nutrients. Therefore, understanding current and future eddy patterns is a central climate challenge ...

4 published by ACM
July 2011 ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST): Volume 2 Issue 4, July 2011
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 1
Downloads (6 Weeks): 2,   Downloads (12 Months): 27,   Downloads (Overall): 638

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Forests are a critical component of the planet's ecosystem. Unfortunately, there has been significant degradation in forest cover over recent decades as a result of logging, conversion to crop, plantation, and pasture land, or disasters (natural or man made) such as forest fires, floods, and hurricanes. As a result, significant ...
Keywords: remote sensing, forest cover change, land change, Computational sustainability

5 published by ACM
April 2010 CSIIRW '10: Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Workshop on Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 1
Downloads (6 Weeks): 4,   Downloads (12 Months): 21,   Downloads (Overall): 194

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Reference based analysis (RBA) is a novel data mining tool for exploring a test data set with respect to a reference data set. The power of RBA lies in it ability to transform any complex data type, such as symbolic sequences and multi-variate categorical data instances, into a multivariate continuous ...
Keywords: intrusion detection, reference based analysis, anomaly detection

January 2010
Citation Count: 2

The climate and earth sciences have recently undergone a rapid transformation from a data-poor to a data-rich environment. In particular, climate and ecosystem related observations from remote sensors on satellites, as well as outputs of climate or earth system models from large-scale computational platforms, provide terabytes of temporal, ...

7 published by ACM
August 2008 KDD '08: Proceedings of the 14th ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 6
Downloads (6 Weeks): 1,   Downloads (12 Months): 27,   Downloads (Overall): 1,185

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The study of land cover change is an important problem in the Earth Science domain because of its impacts on local climate, radiation balance, biogeochemistry, hydrology, and the diversity and abundance of terrestrial species. Most well-known change detection techniques from statistics, signal processing and control theory are not well-suited for ...
Keywords: land use, time series, change detection, land cover

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