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 Mustapha Bouhtou

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November 2012 Telecommunications Systems: Volume 51 Issue 2-3, November 2012
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Citation Count: 0

We consider a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) who shares dynamically his limited resource spectrum with a Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) lacking the infrastructure. We start by introducing at each time period a three-level game: in the first step the MNO defines the wholesale access charge that the MVNO pays per ...
Keywords: Content investment, Supply chain, Contract, Dynamic programming

June 2011 INOC'11: Proceedings of the 5th international conference on Network optimization
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Citation Count: 0

Yield management has been successfully applied in the context of airline companies. However, so far, application to telecommunication industry have been scarce. Using Yield management principles, this paper investigates the new problem of maximizing revenue of telecommunications operator by setting prices on voice services. This pricing is based on available ...

December 2010 Computer Networks: The International Journal of Computer and Telecommunications Networking: Volume 54 Issue 17, December, 2010
Publisher: Elsevier North-Holland, Inc.
Citation Count: 1

In this article, we deal with the resolution of a dynamic game of interconnection between mobile network operators (MNOs) sharing their scarce resources and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) lacking the infrastructure but trying to bargain to send as much traffic as possible on the MNOs' networks. Besides consumers' perception ...
Keywords: Bandwidth access bargaining, Virtual network operator, Hidden information, Learning

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June 2010 SIGMETRICS '10: Proceedings of the ACM SIGMETRICS international conference on Measurement and modeling of computer systems
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 0
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We propose a new approach to optimize the deployment and the sampling rates of network monitoring tools, such as Netflow, on a large IP network. It reduces to solving a stochastic sequence of Second Order Cone Programs. We validate our approach with experiments relying on real data from a commercial ...
Keywords: SOCP, c-optimality, netflow, optimal experimental design
Also published in:
June 2010  ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review - Performance evaluation review: Volume 38 Issue 1, June 2010

October 2009 Netnomics: Volume 10 Issue 2, October 2009
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Citation Count: 8

Network operators are merging their services, such as fixed or wireless telephony, internet or television, into single offers, called bundles. It is essential to understand consumers' preferences to define the most profitable bundles, with their associated prices, especially in the fierce competitive current market. We start by defining a random ...
Keywords: Bayesian game, Discrete choice, Marketing strategies, Pricing, Bundles

May 2009 GameNets'09: Proceedings of the First ICST international conference on Game Theory for Networks
Publisher: IEEE Press
Citation Count: 1

Radio spectrum allocation is essential to the provision of mobile communication services. The spectrum is a finite resource and can accomodate a limited number of simultaneous users at one time. Due to this scarcity, allocating traditional mobile licenses to new mobile operators is unrealizable and new entrants should bargain access ...

May 2009 ICQT '09: Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Internet Charging and Qos Technologies: Network Economics for Next Generation Networks
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Citation Count: 4

Radio spectrum allocation is essential to the provision of mobile communication services. The spectrum is a finite resource and can accomodate a limited number of simultaneous users at one time. Due to this scarcity, allocating traditional mobile licenses to new mobile operators is unrealizable. Hence, new entrants should bargain access ...

August 2007 Networks: Volume 50 Issue 1, August 2007
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
Citation Count: 3

Yield management techniques have been used by companies in various competitive industrial contexts in order to keep a high level of revenue. With the opening of the telecommunications markets, operators are looking for ways of including competition in their decision process. By analyzing the customers' preferences, the market can be ...
Keywords: pricing, telecommunications, Lagrangian relaxation, bilevel programming, resource allocation, integer programming, revenue management

July 2007 INFORMS Journal on Computing: Volume 19 Issue 3, Summer 2007
Publisher: INFORMS
Citation Count: 5

We consider the problem of determining a set of optimal tariffs for an agent in the network, who owns a subset of all the arcs, and who receives revenue by setting the tariffs on the arcs he owns. Multiple rational clients are active in the network, who route their demands ...
Keywords: algorithms, networks-graphs, programming, integer, multicommodity, branch-and-bound

September 2004 WAOA'04: Proceedings of the Second international conference on Approximation and Online Algorithms
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Citation Count: 9

We consider a Stackelberg pricing problem in directed networks. Tariffs have to be defined by an operator, the leader, for a subset of the arcs, the tariff arcs. Clients, the followers, choose paths to route their demand through the network selfishly and independently of each other, on the basis of ...

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