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1 published by ACM
October 2017 WPES '17: Proceedings of the 2017 on Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 0
Downloads (6 Weeks): 23,   Downloads (12 Months): 23,   Downloads (Overall): 23

Full text available: PDFPDF
EEG-based Brain-Computer-Interfaces are becoming available as consumer-grade devices, used in applications from gaming to learning programs with neuro-feedback loops. While enabling attractive applications, their proliferation introduces novel privacy concerns and security threats. One such example are attacks in which adversaries compromise EEG-based BCI devices and analyze the user's brain activity ...
Keywords: eeg-based bci, eeg, privacy attacks, subliminal probing

2 published by ACM
May 2016 ASIA CCS '16: Proceedings of the 11th ACM on Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 1
Downloads (6 Weeks): 18,   Downloads (12 Months): 128,   Downloads (Overall): 246

Full text available: PDFPDF
Mobile devices store a diverse set of private user data and have gradually become a hub to control users' other personal Internet-of-Things devices. Access control on mobile devices is therefore highly important. The widely accepted solution is to protect access by asking for a password. However, password authentication is tedious, ...
Keywords: mobile authentication, touch biometrics, forgery-resistant biometrics

June 2014 IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security: Volume 9 Issue 6, June 2014
Publisher: IEEE Press
Citation Count: 2

Sybil attacks are a fundamental threat to the security of distributed systems. Recently, there has been a growing interest in leveraging social networks to mitigate Sybil attacks. However, the existing approaches suffer from one or more drawbacks, including bootstrapping from either only known benign or known Sybil nodes, failing to ...

4 published by ACM
April 2013 WiSec '13: Proceedings of the sixth ACM conference on Security and privacy in wireless and mobile networks
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 8
Downloads (6 Weeks): 10,   Downloads (12 Months): 86,   Downloads (Overall): 420

Full text available: PDFPDF
The overall network traffic patterns generated by today's smartphones result from the typically large and diverse set of installed applications. In addition to the traffic generated by the user, most applications generate characteristic traffic from their background activities, such as periodic update requests or server synchronisation. Although the encryption of ...
Keywords: authentication, measurement, smartphone

5 published by ACM
April 2013 ACM Transactions on Information and System Security (TISSEC): Volume 15 Issue 4, April 2013
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 10
Downloads (6 Weeks): 11,   Downloads (12 Months): 52,   Downloads (Overall): 398

Full text available: PDFPDF
Role mining tackles the problem of finding a role-based access control (RBAC) configuration, given an access-control matrix assigning users to access permissions as input. Most role-mining approaches work by constructing a large set of candidate roles and use a greedy selection strategy to iteratively pick a small subset such that ...
Keywords: Role mining, clustering, RBAC, access control, matrix factorization

January 2013 IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security: Volume 8 Issue 1, January 2013
Publisher: IEEE Press
Citation Count: 39

We investigate whether a classifier can continuously authenticate users based on the way they interact with the touchscreen of a smart phone. We propose a set of 30 behavioral touch features that can be extracted from raw touchscreen logs and demonstrate that different users populate distinct subspaces of this feature ...

December 2012 ICMLA '12: Proceedings of the 2012 11th International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications - Volume 01
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Citation Count: 0

The USA is witnessing a heavy debate about the influence of political campaign contributions and votes cast on the floor of the United States Congress. We contribute quantitative arguments to this predominantly qualitative discussion by analyzing a dataset of political campaign contributions. We validate that the campaign donations of politicians ...
Keywords: classification, politics, L1-regularization, behavior prediction

8 published by ACM
October 2012 SPSM '12: Proceedings of the second ACM workshop on Security and privacy in smartphones and mobile devices
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 4
Downloads (6 Weeks): 4,   Downloads (12 Months): 34,   Downloads (Overall): 527

Full text available: PDFPDF
Today's mobile devices are packed with sensors that are capable of gathering rich contextual information, such as location, wireless device signatures, ambient noise, and photographs. This paper exhorts the security community to re-design authentication mechanisms for users on mobile devices. Instead of relying on one simplistic, worst-case threat model, we ...
Keywords: mobile security, presence, context, usability

August 2012 Security'12: Proceedings of the 21st USENIX conference on Security symposium
Publisher: USENIX Association
Citation Count: 6

Brain computer interfaces (BCI) are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming and entertainment industries. Consumer-grade BCI devices are available for a few hundred dollars and are used in a variety of applications, such as video games, hands-free keyboards, or as an assistant in relaxation training. There are application stores similar ...

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