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January 2019 Education and Information Technologies: Volume 24 Issue 1, January 2019
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Citation Count: 0

This study aims to understand how a developing country higher education institution (HEI) attempted to digitalise teaching. The Internet has disrupted the traditional teaching environment and teaching practices leading to the migration from physical face-to-face teaching to online teaching changing the work environment of the teacher. Information systems literature has ...
Keywords: Activity theory, Developing country, Higher education institution, Virtual teaching, Virtualisation, Work environment

February 2018 International Journal of Information Management: The Journal for Information Professionals: Volume 38 Issue 1, February 2018
Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishers B. V.
Citation Count: 0

This paper presents a meta-analysis of cloud computing research in information systems with the aim of taking stock of literature and their associated research frameworks, research methodology, geographical distribution, level of analysis as well as trends of these studies over the period of 7 years. A total of 285 articles ...
Keywords: Literature review, Review, Cloud computing, Meta-analysis, Classification

April 2017 WWW '17 Companion: Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web Companion
Publisher: International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee
Citation Count: 0
Downloads (6 Weeks): 5,   Downloads (12 Months): 26,   Downloads (Overall): 68

Full text available: PDFPDF
The ongoing growth in research data publication supports global intra-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research collaboration but the current generation of archive-centric research data repositories do not address some of the key practical obstacles to research data sharing and re-use, specifically: discovering relevant data on a global scale is time-consuming; sharing `live' ...
Keywords: data science, research data management, social machines

April 2016 Information Technology for Development - Organizational Information and Communication Technology ICT Issues in Developing Economies: Volume 22 Issue 2, April 2016
Publisher: Routledge,an imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Ltd
Citation Count: 0

Past research on electronic commerce e-commerce in developing economies DEs shows that there is an acute lack of theoretical frameworks and empirical evidence to understand how DE firms orient resources to create e-commerce capabilities and achieve e-commerce benefits amidst their national constraints. This paper uses the resource-based theory and the ...
Keywords: developing economies, capabilities, e-commerce, resource-based theory

January 2016 HICSS '16: Proceedings of the 2016 49th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Citation Count: 0

Studies looking at e-learning adoption from a multi-dimensional perspective have remained below expectation especially in developing countries. This study explores the technological, organizational and environmental (TOE) determinants of e-learning adoption in universities in developing countries, with the 'nature of the course' added to the constructs to underpin the study. Using ...

July 2015 International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications: Volume 7 Issue 3, July 2015
Publisher: IGI Global
Citation Count: 0

Although there is vast literature about the contemporary mobile services m-services phenomenon, there is a lack of focus on the strategic processes through which m-services are developed. The dynamic capability framework which lends itself as an appropriate theoretical means of exploring this research gap also lack empirical testing within the ...

April 2015 ICEIS 2015: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems - Volume 3
Publisher: SCITEPRESS - Science and Technology Publications, Lda
Citation Count: 0

The study looked at the adoption of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) among Ghanaian firms. A survey was conducted on 129 firms out of the 150 samples randomly selected from both the public and the private sectors in the country with a response rate of 86%. The findings first revealed ...
Keywords: Information Technology, HRIS Adoption, Virtual HR, Information System., e-HRM

January 2011 Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations: Volume 9 Issue 1, January 2011
Publisher: IGI Global
Citation Count: 1

This paper identifies factors affecting the assimilation of electronic commerce in Ghana and the solutions that Ghanaian firms have developed. Drawing from the elements of two electronic commerce readiness frameworks, the study analyzes the readiness of Ghana to support the conduct of electronic commerce at the firm-level. The study covers ...
Keywords: Electronic Commerce Strategy, Ghana, Managerial Capability, Social Networks, Developing Countries

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