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 Qingquan Li

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May 2017 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing: Volume 26 Issue 5, May 2017
Publisher: IEEE Press
Citation Count: 0

Region-based hierarchical image representation is crucial in many computer vision applications. However, in practice, an image hierarchy is usually dense, and contains many less informative branches. It is expected that a hierarchy should be accurate and simplified, which is not only desirable for different applications, but also saves considerable computational ...

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March 2017 Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage (JOCCH): Volume 10 Issue 2, April 2017
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 0
Downloads (6 Weeks): 9,   Downloads (12 Months): 100,   Downloads (Overall): 100

Full text available: PDFPDF
Ancient paintings can provide valuable information for historians and archeologists to study the history and humanity of the corresponding eras. How to determine the era in which a painting was created is a critical problem, since the topic of a painting cannot be used as an effective basis without an ...
Keywords: color features, drawing patterns, Painting analysis, multi-view features

March 2017 IEEE Transactions on Multimedia: Volume 19 Issue 3, March 2017
Publisher: IEEE Press
Citation Count: 0

Human vision benefits a lot from pattern collocations in visual activities such as object detection and recognition. Usually, pattern collocations display as the co-occurrences of visual primitives, e.g., colors, gradients, or textons, in neighboring regions. In the past two decades, many sophisticated local feature descriptors have been developed to describe ...

January 2017 IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems: Volume 18 Issue 1, January 2017
Publisher: IEEE Press
Citation Count: 0

The 3-D LiDAR scanner and the 2-D charge-coupled device (CCD) camera are two typical types of sensors for surrounding-environment perceiving in robotics or autonomous driving. Commonly, they are jointly used to improve perception accuracy by simultaneously recording the distances of surrounding objects, as well as the color and shape information. ...

August 2016 Signal Processing: Volume 125 Issue C, August 2016
Publisher: Elsevier North-Holland, Inc.
Citation Count: 3

The defocus of imaging can be modeled as a heat diffusion process and represented mathematically by a diffusion equation, where the image blur is corresponded to the diffusion of heat. To improve the quality of observed images, we propose an algorithm of multi-focus image fusion based on the depth extraction. ...
Keywords: Partial differential equation, Multi-focus, Depth extraction, Image fusion

April 2016 Neurocomputing: Volume 184 Issue C, April 2016
Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishers B. V.
Citation Count: 3

In this paper, we propose a novel local feature, called Local Orientation Adaptive Descriptor (LOAD), to capture regional texture in an image. In LOAD, we proposed to define point description on an Adaptive Coordinate System (ACS), adopt a binary sequence descriptor to capture relationships between one point and its neighbors ...
Keywords: Texture classification, Improved Fisher vector, Material recognition, Convolutional neural network, Local orientation adaptive descriptor

November 2015 Image and Vision Computing: Volume 43 Issue C, November 2015
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Citation Count: 1

This paper proposes a globally rotation invariant multi-scale co-occurrence local binary pattern (MCLBP) feature for texture-relevant tasks. In MCLBP, we arrange all co-occurrence patterns into groups according to properties of the co-patterns, and design three encoding functions (Sum, Moment, and Fourier Pooling) to extract features from each group. The MCLBP ...
Keywords: Globally rotation invariant, Texture classification, Locally rotation invariant, Multi-scale co-occurrence LBP

November 2014 Pattern Recognition Letters: Volume 49 Issue C, November 2014
Publisher: Elsevier Science Inc.
Citation Count: 0

Define the shape-based features of Flying Apsaras' streamers.Propose a morphological descriptor of incorporating these features for KSVM.Demonstrate the suitability of the descriptor and KSVM for streamer recognition. Recognizing Flying Apsaras' streamers is of great importance in analyzing Chinese cultural background and art forms form the early Chinese dynasties. This analysis ...
Keywords: Support vector machine, Feature extraction, Kernel function, Mean shift, Flying Apsaras, Image segmentation

October 2014 Machine Vision and Applications: Volume 25 Issue 7, October 2014
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.
Citation Count: 1

Recent inpainting techniques usually require human interactions which are labor intensive and dependent on the user experiences. In this paper, we introduce an automatic inpainting technique to remove undesired fence-like structures from images. Specifically, the proposed technique works on the RGBD images which have recently become cheaper and easier to ...
Keywords: Image inpainting, Image segmentation, Depth map, Morphological watershed, Graph cuts

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