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 Haiyan Li

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March 2015 ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST) - Special Section on Visual Understanding with RGB-D Sensors: Volume 6 Issue 2, May 2015
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 4
Downloads (6 Weeks): 14,   Downloads (12 Months): 121,   Downloads (Overall): 576

Full text available: PDFPDF
This article proposes a novel framework for the real-time capture, assessment, and visualization of ballet dance movements as performed by a student in an instructional, virtual reality (VR) setting. The acquisition of human movement data is facilitated by skeletal joint tracking captured using the popular Microsoft (MS) Kinect camera system, ...
Keywords: CAVE, ballet, dance, gesture recognition, human--computer interaction, self-organizing maps, immersive training and simulation, MS Kinect, virtual reality

December 2014 ISM '14: Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Citation Count: 2

This paper presents a computer-based system for assessment and training of ballet dance in a CAVE virtual reality environment. The system utilizes Kinect sensor to capture student's dance and extracts features from skeleton joints. This system depends on a structured posture space, which comprises a set of dance elements that ...
Keywords: dance traning system, dance assesment, CAVE virtual reality environment, gesture recognition, spherical-self-organizing map

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