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 Junghyuk Seo

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November 2017 CIKM '17: Proceedings of the 2017 ACM on Conference on Information and Knowledge Management
Publisher: ACM
Citation Count: 0
Downloads (6 Weeks): 7,   Downloads (12 Months): 69,   Downloads (Overall): 69

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Most existing algorithms for graph clustering, including SCAN, are not designed to cope with large volumes of data that cannot fit in main memory. When there is not enough memory, those algorithms will incur thrashing, i.e. result in huge I/O costs. We propose an I/O-efficient algorithm for structural clustering, pm-SCAN. ...
Keywords: graph, i/o-efficient algorithm, structural graph clustering

January 2017 Multimedia Tools and Applications: Volume 76 Issue 2, January 2017
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Citation Count: 0

Video containment queries find the videos that have similar sequence of frames to query video clips. Applying sequence matching to all possible subsequences for video containment queries is computationally expensive for large volumes of video data. In this paper, we propose an efficient candidate segment selection scheme, which selects only ...
Keywords: Content-based video retrieval, Video indexing, Ordinal feature, Video sequence matching

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