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Title TRI-Ada '91 Proceedings of the conference on TRI-Ada '91: today's accomplishments; tomorrow's expectations table of contents
Chairman Judy Bamberger Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh, PA
Pages 397-406
Publication Date1991-12-01 (yyyy-mm-dd)
Sponsor SIGADA ACM Special Interest Group on Ada Programming Language
PublisherACM New York, NY, USA ©1991
ISBN: 0-89791-445-7 Order Number: 825911 doi>10.1145/126551.126592
Conference AdaSIGAda Annual International Conference Ada logo


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Proceedings of the conference on TRI-Ada '91: today's accomplishments; tomorrow's expectations
Table of Contents
Ada semantic interface specification (ASIS)
James B. Bladen, David Spenhoff, Steven J. Blake
Pages: 6-15
Full text: PDFPDF
Design and implementation of a multi-tool Ada front end
Rodney M. Bates, Viswa Santhanam, Donald E. Johnson
Pages: 16-21
Full text: PDFPDF
Debugging of optimized Ada code
Peter Dencker
Pages: 22-31
Full text: PDFPDF
Validating the ADARTS software design method for real-time systems
Mike Cochran, Hassan Gomaa
Pages: 33-44
Full text: PDFPDF
SDL: a standard language for Ada real-time applications
Vincent Encontre
Pages: 45-53
Full text: PDFPDF
Experiences in developing an Ada cross compiler
Hansheng Chen, Yuneng Chen, Deiqui Shen, Lin Xu, Hanming Jiang, Ren Shi
Pages: 54-62
Full text: PDFPDF
SA-2-Ada: a methodology for deriving Ada designs from structured analysis specifications
George H. Marschalk
Pages: 64-74
Full text: PDFPDF
CAPS as a requirements engineering tool
Robert Steigerwald, Gary Hughes, Valdis Berzins
Pages: 75-83
Full text: PDFPDF
Pilot Command Center Testbed development environment: a better way to develop C3 systems
Charles R. Grauling
Pages: 84-95
Full text: PDFPDF
Dynamic software replacement model and its Ada implementation
Belén de Vicente, Alejandro Alonso, Jorge Amador
Pages: 97-107
Full text: PDFPDF
Adam, an Ada simulation library
Magnus Sjöland, Rune Thyselius, Barbro Sjöland
Pages: 108-115
Full text: PDFPDF
Ada-based support for abstraction, encapsulation and unit hierarchy
Liang Xianzhong, Wang Zhenyu
Pages: 116-126
Full text: PDFPDF
A microprocessor with Ada real time support
Stefan Asserhäll
Pages: 127-131
Full text: PDFPDF
Ada and CMS-2 cohabitation: A transition method for U.S. Navy realtime tactical systems
Kari Kruempel
Pages: 132-140
Full text: PDFPDF
Building distributed Ada applications from specifications and functional components
Dennis L. Doubleday, Mario R. Barbacci, Charles B. Weinstock, Michael J. Gardner, Randall W. Lichota
Pages: 143-154
Full text: PDFPDF
Distribution of Ada tasks onto a heterogeneous environment
Haruhiko Nishida, Takumi Itoh, Ryuji Nakayama
Pages: 155-165
Full text: PDFPDF
Efficient loop-level parallelism in Ada
Michael Hind, Edmond Schonberg
Pages: 166-179
Full text: PDFPDF
A three level Ada interface to a commercial database
Taleb Bizri, Richard Knowles, Richard Crawford
Pages: 180-186
Full text: PDFPDF
Supporting packed decimal in Ada
David A. Rosenfeld
Pages: 187-190
Full text: PDFPDF
Promoting Ada at the National Security Agency
Pamela S. Kimminau, Russell J. Graves
Pages: 191-197
Full text: PDFPDF
Manageable object-oriented development: abstraction, decomposition, and modeling
John A. Anderson, John D. Sheffler, Elaine S. Ward
Pages: 199-212
Full text: PDFPDF
The evolution of an object oriented development method
Brad Balfour
Pages: 213-223
Full text: PDFPDF
Object based data engineering: the necessary evil of Ada development
Jeffrey L. Richardson
Pages: 224-233
Full text: PDFPDF
Automatic abstraction of real-time software and re-implementation in Ada
Noah Prywes, Evan Lock, Xiang Ge
Pages: 238-247
Full text: PDFPDF
Normal forms for algebraic specifications of reusable Ada packages
Robert Steigerwald, Valdis Berzins
Pages: 248-256
Full text: PDFPDF
Ada and SQL
Ben Brosgol, Stephen Faris, Marc H. Graham, James W. Moore, Jean-Pierre Rosen, S. Tucker Taft
Pages: 257-266
Full text: PDFPDF
The software-cycle models for re-engineering and reuse
John W. Bailey, Victor R. Basili
Pages: 267-281
Full text: PDFPDF
Designing configurable software; compass implementation concepts
Eric W. Booth, Michael E. Stark
Pages: 282-293
Full text: PDFPDF
AMT—the Ada maintenance toolchest
A. von Mayrhauser
Pages: 294-299
Full text: PDFPDF
Large development teams and the Ada library or who recompiled the #%[email protected]!& Ada library
Chase Dane
Pages: 301-310
Full text: PDFPDF
Grow: an APSE stress tester
Kenneth C. Elsom
Pages: 311-319
Full text: PDFPDF
An Ada program test generator
S. M. Austin, D. R. Wilkins, B. A. Wichmann
Pages: 320-325
Full text: PDFPDF
Ada and the X Window System
Kirk Beitz, Christopher Byrnes, Michael Hardy, Rich Hilliard, Craig Warsaw / Stu Lewin
Pages: 327-332
Full text: PDFPDF
Automatic instantiation in Ada
Jun Shen, Gordon V. Cormack
Pages: 338-346
Full text: PDFPDF
DRAGOON: a tool for the Ada programmer
Stephen J. Goldsack, Colin Atkinson
Pages: 348-359
Full text: PDFPDF
Ada in Japan
Takayuki Hagihara
Pages: 367-375
Full text: PDFPDF
Applying the iterative development process to large 2167A Ada projects
Lisa Brownsword, Rick McUmber
Pages: 378-386
Full text: PDFPDF
Management challenges and techniques on a large Ada project
Richard W. Root, Gerard LaCroix, Michael Springman
Pages: 387-396
Full text: PDFPDF
Ada pilot project at HQ Pacific Air Forces: lessons learned during development
Virginia R. Seng
Pages: 397-406
Full text: PDFPDF
Software independent verification and validation: a process perspective
Yvonne LaMarr, William E. Fravel, Jr.
Pages: 408-417
Full text: PDFPDF
Experience tracking software development progress on a large Ada project (a window into the development process)
Kent Thackrey, John Wright
Pages: 418-424
Full text: PDFPDF
System engineering impact on software development
Charles R. Snyder
Pages: 425-431
Full text: PDFPDF
The costs related to making software reusable: experience from a real project
W. K. Krutz, K. Allen, D. P. Olivier
Pages: 437-443
Full text: PDFPDF
Gun turret drive stabilization system for the M1A2
Richard E. Copra, Joseph R. Vogl
Pages: 448-454
Full text: PDFPDF
US Naval airship
David Field, Bryan Cordell, Gaynor Murray, Geoff Cram, Richard Patrick
Pages: 457-459
Full text: PDFPDF
A large on-board real time system in submarines
J. M. Lippens, J. Arnol
Page: 461
Full text: PDFPDF
Development of the Standard Army Ammunition System
Thomas D. Fenton, Bart Jeffcoat
Pages: 462-463
Full text: PDFPDF
Ada and beyond
A. Nico Habermann
Pages: 466-474
Full text: PDFPDF
AdaTRAN as a teaching tool
John A. Henry
Pages: 476-483
Full text: PDFPDF
SPTP: the Software Process Training Program
H. Heide, A. Lindheim, W. P. Selfridge
Pages: 485-496
Full text: PDFPDF
Vestal: a tool for teaching concurrency in Ada
Miguel A. de Tomás, Luis Gómez, Antonio Pérez
Pages: 498-509
Full text: PDFPDF
Using a model railroad to teach Ada and software engineering
John W. McCormick
Pages: 511-514
Full text: PDFPDF
Thomson-CSF and Ada for ATC: An experience of eight years
Jean Francois Wets
Pages: 516-529
Full text: PDFPDF
The first 100 days of Ada
Marianne E. Erdos, Ralph Crafts, Robert Dewar, Kenneth Fussichen, Robert Roe, John P. Solomond
Pages: 531-539
Full text: PDFPDF

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