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1 published by ACM
MobileHCI '10
This paper introduces Behand. Behand is a new way of interaction that allows a mobile phone user to manipulate virtual three-dimensional objects inside the phone by gesturing with his hand. Behand provides a straightforward 3D interface, something current mobile phones do not offer, and extends the phone's input and display ...
Keywords: augmented virtuality, gestural interfaces, manipulation, mixed reality, mobile devices, 3D, interaction strategies
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2 published by ACM
CHI '18
Addressing calls in Sustainable HCI to scale up our work in HCI targeting sustainability, and the current knowledge gap of how to do this practically, we here present a qualitative study of 10 sustainability-oriented community organizations that are working to scale up their change making. They are all loosely connected ...
Keywords: activism, change, community organizations, grass-root, scale, sustainability, transition
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3 published by ACM
Assets '05
Five high school students with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) participating in the Excel/Autism study were able to demonstrate mastery of a set of Excel topics. The Excel curriculum covered approximately the same topics as are covered in the Excel portion of Computer Business Applications, a class for regular education students ...
Keywords: spreadsheets, multi-step planning, autism, adapted computer curriculum, generative thinking
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4 published by ACM
Framestore was involved from inception to help evolve the story and produce the spot from production to post. Challenges included shooting a winter scene in September (which required lots of synthetic snow and matte painting).
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5 published by ACM
Applied and partnered research at Emily Carr University takes place within four active research centres: Social and Interactive Media Centre (SIM): Focused on interaction and communication design, and entrepreneurship. Health Design Lab (HDL): Applies solution-focused, human-centred research methodologies to complex problems in health care. Stereoscopic 3D Centre (S3D): Advanced imaging ...
Keywords: 3D prototyping and printing, applied research, art and design, materials, stereoscopic 3D, virtual reality
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6 published by ACM

7 published by ACM

8 published by ACM
CHI '18
Participatory sensing (PS) and citizen science hold promises for a genuinely interactive and inclusive citizen engagement in meaningful and sustained collection of data about social and environmental phenomena. Yet the underlying motivations for public engagement in PS remain still unclear particularly regarding the role of gamification, for which HCI research ...
Keywords: citizen science, civic technology, engagement, environmental sensing, gamification, human behavior, participatory sensing
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9 published by ACM
Over the past 20 years, user interface designers and usability engineers have studied and refined human-computer interaction techniques with the goal of improving people's productivity and experience. But the target of these efforts, "the end-user," is fast becoming a thing of the past. Many people now construct software on their ...
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10 published by ACM
UbiComp '14
It is clear today that mobile video is a major traffic source and that online advertising is a steadily growing business. These trends are leading towards mobile video advertising becoming ubiquitous. We make two contributions towards better understanding mobile video ads and how their impact on mobile device resources can ...
Keywords: caching, internet advertising, online video, smartphones
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11 published by ACM
ISCA '11
To meet the demand for more powerful high-performance shared-memory servers, multiprocessor systems must incorporate efficient and scalable cache coherence protocols, such as those based on directory caches. However, the limited directory cache size of the increasingly larger systems may cause frequent evictions of directory entries and, consequently, invalidations of cached ...
Keywords: cache coherence, coherence deactivation, directory cache, efficiency, multiprocessor, operating system, private block
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12 published by ACM
EC '19
Using a lab experiment, we investigate the real-life performance of envy-free and proportional cake-cutting procedures with respect to fairness and preference manipulation. We find that envy-free procedures, in particular Selfridge-Conway, are fairer and also are perceived as fairer than their proportional counterparts, despite the fact that agents very often manipulate ...
Keywords: cake-cutting, cut and choose, learning, manipulation, selfridge-conway
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13 published by ACM
Keywords: AS reputation, bulletproof hosting, malicious networks
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14 published by ACM
ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS): Volume 36 Issue 2, September 2017
We propose the Assessor-driven Weighted Averages for Retrieval Evaluation (AWARE) probabilistic framework, a novel methodology for dealing with multiple crowd assessors that may be contradictory and/or noisy. By modeling relevance judgements and crowd assessors as sources of uncertainty, AWARE takes the expectation of a generic performance measure, like Average Precision, ...
Keywords: AWARE, Crowdsourcing, performance measure, unsupervised estimators, weighted average
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15 published by ACM
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG): Volume 34 Issue 4, August 2015
We address the problem of allowing casual users to customize parametric models while maintaining their valid state as 3D-printable functional objects. We define Fab Form as any design representation that lends itself to interactive customization by a novice user, while remaining valid and manufacturable. We propose a method to achieve ...
Keywords: CAD, customizable design, fabrication, geometry caching, precomputation, valid region estimation
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16 published by ACM

17 published by ACM
ISCA '10
As we transition from clock-frequency performance scaling to performance scaling with multicores, the pressure on the memory hierarchy is increasing dramatically. Many different on-chip cache topologies have been proposed/implemented; effective management of these shared caches is crucial to multicore performance. This talk will begin with a description of a cache ...
Keywords: caches, multicore
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18 published by ACM
Applicative 2015
When I made my first game, I was scared of writing graphics code and dealing with browser quirks and player input events. So, I used a game framework to handle that stuff for me. Later, I discovered that stuff is not so scary. I will live-code an action game from ...
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19 published by ACM
EC '19
In practice, most mechanisms for selling, buying, matching, voting, and so on are not incentive compatible. We present techniques for estimating how far a mechanism is from incentive compatible. Given samples from the agents' type distribution, we show how to estimate the extent to which an agent can improve his ...
Keywords: approximate incentive compatibility, auctions, incentive compatibility, learning theory, machine learning, mechanism design, strategyproof
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20 published by ACM
KDD '16
Kernel Principal Component Analysis (KPCA) is a key machine learning algorithm for extracting nonlinear features from data. In the presence of a large volume of high dimensional data collected in a distributed fashion, it becomes very costly to communicate all of this data to a single data center and then ...
Keywords: distributed computing, kernel method, principal component analysis
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Result 1 – 20 of 169
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